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The Field

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Water System

Moving from hand water, dragging hoses to an automated watering system.  For more information click below.


Adding Amendments

Our farm ground is all sand 8" below the topsoil.  For more information on how we prepare the soil for our flowers click below.


Planting Party

Every spring we plant thousands of plants.  We have a planting party in the spring, where our friends and future friends come out to help us with the planting.   We have a huge BBQ feed as a huge thank you to our team.  Click below for more information.


Prepping the Fields

When we started the fields that we plant were previously Soy beans or Corn, depended on which year.  We did a lot to prepare the field.  For more information click below.


Laying the Weed Fabric

When you lay thousands of feet of weed fabric each year, you need to find ways to simplify the process.  For more information click below.


Protecting the Field 

How do we protect our fields in the early spring from freezing temperatures?  What about in the summer when it is 90 - 100 degrees?  Click Below for more information.

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