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Welcome to the Home of the
U-Pick Experience!

Open U-Pick Days

What is a U-Pick?  

At the Iowa flower farm, we sell to floral shops and directly to our customers.  In fact, our customers come to our farm and are able to select the exact flowers that they want to display in the table bouquet.

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Come and join us for our planting party this spring.  

The party is on the weekends during planting season.  Each one will get a gift certificate, which can be used for flowers during the rest of the season. 

Food and drinks will be provided for the team.  Last year we went through several Full Pits from Smokey D's.

If you sign up to help, we will send you an email on the dates we will be planting.  If you can join us, we appreciate it even if you can only help for an hour.

Join the Planting Party, click here!

Planting Party!

Rosallyn Skin Care Products

The Iowa Flower Farm manufactures All Natural Skin Care products.  Working with our cosmetic chemists and extractions from our flowers we currently have 9 skin care products.  

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The farm was established in 2019, with 5 rows of flowers, each about 125' long and 400 Roses.

Since that time the farm has grown, expanding 2 acres, 25,000 to 30,000 flowers, 30 to 35 different types of different types of flowers.  This past year we removed our rose field and expanded our cut flower selection.  We will also have an expanded wildflower sections this year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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About Our Farm

The Team

Meet the Team

Cheri Sorensen


Flower Planter & Chief Bucket Washer

Cheri is the driving force for our farm.  If there is something that needs done you will always find Cheri in the middle of getting it done.

A member of the Bondurant Chamber of Commerce, Cheri loves being part of the community.  Last year she was part of the Chambers Halloween Event for kids.

Cheri is also a well-known National Artist, which might have something to do with how she uses color to build bouquets. 

Make sure to say hi to Cheri when you are at the Farm.

Ross Sorensen


Fixer of Stuff & Chief Tractor Driver

Ross is the fixer of things that are broken, damaged or just need to get done, especially if he gets to use his tractor.

Ross has a deep technical background which is why most of the farm has been automated.   He pushes the Farm moto of "Work Smarter Not Harder".

Also Ross is the builder of this website, so if there is something not working or wrong.... it's his fault.. 

Make sure to say hi to Ross when you are at the farm.

"Flowers are like friends, they bring color to your world."

― Unkown



The Iowa Flower Farm will be attending the following events, stop by and see us!


Bondurant Farmer's Market

  • June 14th

  • July 12th

  • Aug 9th

  • Sept 13th

  • Oct 11th


Rustic Swan 

Ankeny Blvd

Drop In "Make-It Take-Flower Bar"

Sat 2:30 - 4:00

Working Towards Common Goals

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